Sherlock Holmes for Halloween

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It’s been sometime since my last post and I apologise. A number of projects have impeded me from posting anything, but I have now found some time for a quick word. Continue reading “Sherlock Holmes for Halloween”


Support the Kickstarter campaign: Sherlock Holmes – Eliminate the Impossible

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If you are a fan of the Sherlock Holmes pastiche, you must have read (or at least heard of) the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories series.

With a total of six volumes already out there ready to be snatched by ardent readers, each book contains a number of Sherlock Holmes short stories submitted by authors from around the world. Continue reading “Support the Kickstarter campaign: Sherlock Holmes – Eliminate the Impossible”

6 reasons why Sherlock Holmes stories are awesome!

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I come back to this question often. Every time the answer seems straightforward. Yet, it is also tough trying to delve deep into what truly attracts a reader to Conan Doyle’s stories of the London detective.

Without too much elaboration, I’ve whittled down my thoughts to a simple list. A list which I’m sure many other Holmes readers have already identified on their own as to the main criteria of why they are haunted by this literary figure.

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The Sherlock Holmes Novels Ranked!

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Following my recent post in which I ranked my top 10 favourite Sherlock Holmes short stories, I decided it was time to tackle and discuss briefly the four novels penned by Conan Doyle. Continue reading “The Sherlock Holmes Novels Ranked!”