Sherlock Series 1-4: Limited Edition Steelbooks [Why?!]

Limited Sherlock banner

I have something of a compulsive obsession for order and symmetry when it comes to collecting books or TV series and films. Just a slight misplacement of wording along the spine of a DVD slipcase, which does not equate to the rest of the others in the same collection, will send me into a fit of despair.

That’s one of the reasons why I restrained myself from buying each series of Sherlock when they were first released, for fear of having a mismatched shelf with different DVD cases.

Yet lo and behold, when Series 3 came out, I learnt of the existence of HMV’s limited edition steelbooks: these beautiful disc cases, unique for each of the three series but nonetheless sporting a distinctive yet similar artwork design throughout.

“This is what I need!” I thought to myself. Once eagerly purchased, I looked forward to the release of The Abominable Bride in the same format. Much to my eternal joy, this actually happened and my DVD shelf never looked so dashing.

With the release of Series 4, I could not wait to see once more another limited edition Sherlock Amazon Exclusive series 4steelbook release to go with the rest of my precious collection.

I checked and re-checked the HMV website … nothing. Then came the news of an exclusive steelbook from Amazon. The artwork was gorgeous but a far-cry from the design of the other cases.

The rest is pretty much history.

Albeit a wonderful steelbook, it screams out from the rest of the entirely analogous set.

So my question to this long-winded and painful post, is this: why oh why did we never get an HMV Limited Edition steelbook for Series 4? Or for that matter, why not an Amazon exclusive for all the other three series and the special?

Ugh! It hurts whenever I look at my DVD shelf. The discrepancy, the anachronism of it all …

Is it too much to hope for some miraculous release of a matching set in the near future to quench this frustration of mine?

Sherlock Exlusive Limited 2


One thought on “Sherlock Series 1-4: Limited Edition Steelbooks [Why?!]

  1. I feel your pain! I don’t own any of the DVD’s yet. I hope to get myself a decent boxset. I really love that artwork for season 4 though, would love to have something in that style on all of them!


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