Sherlock Holmes for Halloween

Me book

Me with my contributor’s copy

It’s been sometime since my last post and I apologise. A number of projects have impeded me from posting anything, but I have now found some time for a quick word. Continue reading “Sherlock Holmes for Halloween”


Book Trailer: The Trials of Sherlock Holmes

I’m pleased to announce that the trailer for my first Sherlock Holmes book is now on YouTube! Continue reading “Book Trailer: The Trials of Sherlock Holmes”

Support the Kickstarter campaign: Sherlock Holmes – Eliminate the Impossible

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If you are a fan of the Sherlock Holmes pastiche, you must have read (or at least heard of) the MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories series.

With a total of six volumes already out there ready to be snatched by ardent readers, each book contains a number of Sherlock Holmes short stories submitted by authors from around the world. Continue reading “Support the Kickstarter campaign: Sherlock Holmes – Eliminate the Impossible”

New Sherlock Holmes short story coming soon!

She Raised Her Veil

Hi everyone! It has been a while but I’ve been busy with a few assignments, one of which has been the creation of a new Sherlock Holmes short story to be featured in an anthology. Continue reading “New Sherlock Holmes short story coming soon!”

The Trials of Sherlock Holmes is out now!

The Trials of Sherlock Holmes - banner

A couple of weeks back I had written a post about an upcoming book of mine (the first, as a matter of fact) on Sherlock Holmes.

Well, today’s the day the book is officially released to the world! Continue reading “The Trials of Sherlock Holmes is out now!”

Sherlock Series 1-4: Limited Edition Steelbooks [Why?!]

Limited Sherlock banner

I have something of a compulsive obsession for order and symmetry when it comes to collecting books or TV series and films. Just a slight misplacement of wording along the spine of a DVD slipcase, which does not equate to the rest of the others in the same collection, will send me into a fit of despair. Continue reading “Sherlock Series 1-4: Limited Edition Steelbooks [Why?!]”

Sherlock: The Two Final Problems

The Final Problem© BBC

A TV series, unlike a film, is an ever-evolving narrative that transforms from episode to episode. It is not a stationary story-line. Elements are constantly changing, and what you experience (or think you experience) in a particular episode, might suddenly shift completely in another successive season. Continue reading “Sherlock: The Two Final Problems”